Cash & Carry Wholesale


Gremegro is a market only for resellers, so we respond with our goods to commercial customers. We see ourselves as a wholesaler of decorative items, antiques and reproduced furniture.

Our customers benefit from first-class goods for retailers at reasonable prices. Accessories for the home, furniture, decoration and many more products are available in our range.

If your customers are looking for decorative items and antique accessories, Gremegro is the right place!

  • Payment in cash or by EC card.
  • Information and complaint-free exchanges and returns require prior agreement in written form, by mail, fax or email.
  • Information about sales or shipping, daily from 16.00h - 17.00h at +49 (0) 25 62 - 96 02 10

Cash & Carry Pickup discounts:

From € 250, - net minus 5% discount
From € 500, - net minus 10% discount
From € 1.000, - net minus 15% discount

From warehouse Gronau: discount per purchase Loyalty discount (be credited for each year).

We grant you a loyalty discount in the form of a merchandise credit. With annual sales from € 5.000, - net invoice value minus 3% discount from € 15.000, - net invoice value minus 5% discount

Opening times: Monday to Friday 9am - 5pm

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