Home accessories

Nostalgic home accessories are a major product of Gremegro. In our range are, for example, paintings and even antique accessories for restoration.

We can offer these goods thanks to our wholesale business. Furthermore, you will find ceramics and glass items such as mirrors, porcelain and decorative goods.

Also spare parts for certain antiques can be found in our storage and directly taken with you. Thus, you are able to offer your customers a well-rounded selection of the topics home accessories and antique accessories.

On top of that we steadily expand and renew our online-shop, which is accessible 24/7, where you can't just see our remainders, but also newly added content.

Sculptures and Figurines

Many sculptures from different periods and with various styles are available at Gremegro. For example, works of art from the Art Nouveau as well as models of... read more

Paintings and Mirrors

What would your own home be without paintings and mirrors? With the help of the great diversity we present at Gremegro you can offer your customers a large... read more


Decoration is what makes a room or a home come alive. Through our nostalgic decoration, your customers can get goods full of history for their houses and... read more

Lamps and Shades

Lamps are on the one hand there to give light. On the other hand, they can be used to represent a truly unique style to express and bring an individual sense... read more

Glass, Porcelain and Ceramics

Not only by collectors are our antique porcelain figurines of Gremegro rated at a premium. We have quality porcelain sculptures in the range, which fit in... read more


Maritime atmosphere for your customers. Whether you are looking for maritime or nautical decoration reproduction items, we have it. So your customers can... read more

Antique Accessories

Customers do not always need new accessories, modern home products or other antiques. Occasionally they just want to give their decorative items at home a... read more

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